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YOUR donation will help the 250-300 pets in our care every single day.

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On any given day there are 250-300 pets in our Shelter in need of our help and care.

Beyond the basics of daily feeding, cleaning and sheltering are many other necessities that YOUR donation helps ensure we can continue.

Every day there are vaccinations, internal & external parasite treatments, testing for various diseases/conditions, treating pets that come to us with skin issues & minor injuries and giving love and hope to those who might have never known human kindness.

There are also those that must go to area veterinarians for treatment for an illnesses or injuries outside our capabilities.

And, of course, there are all those sent out each week to be spayed and/or neutered and microchipped so they can be ready to go home with loving and caring families.

YOUR donation ensures we can do this, and so much more, for every deserving pet and that means YOU are saving lives each and every day!

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